How to Prepare Matcha

1. Sift 1 teaspoon of MANA matcha powder (1.5g) into a small bowl or mug. Matcha clumps very easily, so we recommend sifting it before you add any water. Otherwise, it will be difficult to get the tea to disperse evenly in the liquid, and your drink will be lumpy.

2. Pour in 60ml of hot water(80℃/180℉). 

3.Whisk the mixture. Whisk the mixture to create a smooth and clump free paste.

4.Add in water and whisk again. Add in another 60ml  of hot water (or more).Whisk vigorously from side to side – either directly back and forth or in a zigzag pattern – to evenly disperse the powder in the water and create a foamy layer on top. If you whisk in a circular motion, your tea won’t foam. Enjoy your Koicha while it is still warm. 

5.In step 4, you can add in steamed milk instead of hot water.Traditional matcha green tea is made with just green tea powder and water, but you can also easily make a latte by finishing your drink with steamed milk. You can make it with almond milk ,coconut milk ,or chocolate milk. Whisk again until foamy, sweeten to taste, and enjoy!